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The site should work in all browsers. It might look a bit funny in MSIE, but I'm not too fussed about that. here is a screenshot of how it's meant to look, in Konqueror.

change list:

2013-12-07: Regex crossword solver
2013-11-20: Casio CFX 9800G Emulator
2013-09-26: Traffic lights update
2013-09-16: Softwire Morale Virtual Reality club blog post
2012-07-08: An actual Java bug: Investigating a JVM crash on multi-threaded string access
2011-11-24: Travel times to Softwire by public transport
2009-07-10: Traffic lights
2005-12-07: Miffs v1.7 and some new Java
2005-08-28: Registered
2005-06-08: Added license plates to the wishlist
2005-06-07: Added 1ns3rt posts to the graphs
2005-06-02: Added Past Rich's Bits
2005-05-29: Added RSS feeds
2005-04-03: Added limericks
Added a film quiz
2005-02-28: Added image tags to the html helper
2005-02-09: Added graphs to colCmeta
2005-02-03: Added spinSTER to projects
New layout
May Week To Do List
Photographic Chinese Whispers
Link Generator
My wish list
Top ColC posters
Some web tools (find them in rnd)
MIFFS v1.6
Added another style
Added the squashometer
More links
MIFFS v1.5
Added At This Time of Year lyrics
Re-made the links page to be MySQL / PHP - based, and added more links
Put MIFFS on the site
Put the stars on the site.
More links again
Added lots of new links
Check out this MSN conversation.
You can now give donations to help keep your favorite site going. (Use the link in the menu bar)
Made Abalone
Added a Java version of Bantumi
Fixed bugs in Calc.
Made The Game.
Updated links page.
Made quiz page.
Added LegoMan's Great Adventure
Updated links page.
Added two more styles to the style page.
Added a few more items to the links page.
Added Zip1000 to the downloads page.
Added style chooser.
Added Random Content section.
Added link to Leo's site.
Updated Calc in the Java section - now you can play target using it.
Updated Target in the Java section.
Added the stylesheet chooser. This functionality is in the view menu in Mozilla and doesn't work in Opera, so so much for cross-browser compatibility.
Added Tom's funky mix to the downloads page.
Added an alternate style sheet so users of Mozilla can switch to TomMode if they are scared of subtle colours. Soon I shall add javascript buttons so IE users can do the same.
Did some CSS changes, mostly invisible - e.g. the Links page is now coded as a list (in the end that's what it should be), but displays nicely. Also did the hover highlighting on the site map on the left.
Added a few more applets to the Java section.
Added the JavaScript Fun page in the Java section.
Added the W3C links so you can revalidate my site from the comfort of your own rooms.
Completely redesigned the site using cascading style sheets.
Reworked the revolting code generated by JBuilder for Noughts & Crosses.
Added the Java section. It's not quite working properly in MSIE, but it should be redone in the next couple of days.
Added the "vote for me" button. Please try it out - repeatedly.
Put some pictures in the links page. Need to be careful with this - it might get too colourful.
Changed the "any browser" gif to remove the Netscape logo (shudder).
Added countdown (on modulo13).
Check out the SamCam page, and leave some comments.
WinBF v3.5 is now out - check the downloads page, or use the applet version - for all those deprived people without a Java SDK.