The Fun Doesn't Stop on Rich's Links Page

I used to keep a page of interesting links, but now most of them go straight onto ins3rt on the front page of mod13

Here are my old links in case you want to look something up

Picture Links.

z13 tgs awof mr happy
leo bricks ucam any browser
webstandards opera trillian valid html
pgp id aortal valid css

New Links the most recent set of links - updated 2016-06-28 20:00:00

Useful Links Stuff that I find useful

Maths Links It may be a bit unusual, but I'm very interested in maths (fortunate in my position). Here are some of the places I go to get my fix

Paranoia / Conspiracy Links

Random Links Here are some of those weird places you should check out

Fun Links Games and stuff on the internet

Esoteric Programming Languages Links Unusual, difficult or otherwise interesting programming languages

Computing Links Surprisingly, there are lots of good sites about computing on the internet

Pretty Links Sites that are nice to look at

News Links serious sites - boring and depressing, but compulsive reading

Blog Links Web-logs of interesting links or peoples' journals.

Philosophy and Politics Links Items about how the world is or how it should be. (Warning: May be biased towards my own outlook ;-)