Random Quiz Generation Page

This page should generate 10 random questions from Modulo:13's quiz databanks - generated by you, the legions of Mod13 fans (sadly, we cannot accept any new questions). Refresh the page to get a new set of questions. Hover your mouse over a question to see the answer.

Name Question Difficulty Category
t Which countries flag is entirely green? Geography
t If there is a bag with 4000 red balls and 6000 blue balls, what is the probability that the 3500th ball drawn is blue? Maths
Rich Name the only country in the world whose name begins with O? Geography
t How many edges does a cube have? Maths
t What position did I come in the Autumn 2002 24 hours of ZZT competition's Art section? Art & Literature
rob What is the latin name for the common chimpanzee? Science
Tom Milk? Sport
t Who hosted channel 5's reality TV show "Touch the Truck"? Entertainment
t What is the largest prime number divisible by 3? Maths
t In the children's TV program "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles", what colour headband did Raphael have? Entertainment
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