Random Quiz Generation Page

This page should generate 10 random questions from Modulo:13's quiz databanks - generated by you, the legions of Mod13 fans (sadly, we cannot accept any new questions). Refresh the page to get a new set of questions. Hover your mouse over a question to see the answer.

Name Question Difficulty Category
The person who gives regular lovin' to your mum Where can i find your mum? Geography
t On a standard QWERTY keyboard what key is between the 'Q' and the 'E' key? Technology
t Who sings on Jurgen Vries' 'Brave New World'? Entertainment
t In the Treaty of Versailes, who was awarded Eupen? History
rob Ouagadougou is the capital of which African Country? Geography
rob Who wrote "the Selfish Gene"? Science
rob Name a beer you might enjoy with a slice of a citrus fruit. Food & Drink
Rich What is onetotheinfinity? Maths
t In chess what is the name of the only move which allows you to capture a piece without landing on its square? Sport
Jo Who was most attractive in Bridget Jones' Diary? Entertainment
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