Random Quiz Generation Page

This page should generate 10 random questions from Modulo:13's quiz databanks - generated by you, the legions of Mod13 fans (sadly, we cannot accept any new questions). Refresh the page to get a new set of questions. Hover your mouse over a question to see the answer.

Name Question Difficulty Category
rob Who wrote "the Selfish Gene"? Science
Owen Bearing in mind that Japan is the 2nd largest military spender in the world, what was the general government spending limit, as a percentage of its overall budget, the the Japanese government imposed upon military expenditure? Religion & Culture
t Which countries flag is entirely green? Geography
t What is the last book of the Old Testament? Religion & Culture
t In chess what is the name of the only move which allows you to capture a piece without landing on its square? Sport
t Which 2nd year mathmo always sits at the front of lectures? Maths
t In the Treaty of Versailes, who was awarded Eupen? History
Rich Which bacterium is found in "Yakult"? Religion & Culture
t What is the name of the colouring used in Cola? Food & Drink
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