Binson MCs

'Phat Tony' is my cousin from Devon: I sent him a copy of "Jenny's Happenin' Chunes" at his request after he heard it at Jenny's 18th. He wrote to me on MSN about it...


Session Start (MSN - Rich:Phat Tony Sun Feb 02 20:32:07 2003

Phat Tony:oi, rich
Phat Tony:type 2 me!
Rich:It should be Fatone
Rich:As in the guy from NSync
Phat Tony:mayb! bt me and gray have made u huge!
Rich:Whi was Fat
Rich:what do you mean?
Phat Tony:ur song, there lovin it! we was gonna ask if we culd sell it 4 young enterprise and give u royalties
Rich:lol - which one? I don't have exclusive rights to it - it was a team effort
Phat Tony:they love 'Really Scary' and 'Sugar and Spice'
Phat Tony:?
Rich:tom and sam say "ROFL" too
Rich:like lol only more
Rich:r u taking the piss?
Phat Tony:nope
Phat Tony:i am deadly serious
Rich:lol - how many people have you played it to?
Phat Tony:at least 20 and they all love it
Phat Tony:they want a copy!
Rich:do they like "look at these three... say I can" too?
Phat Tony:no, they hate it!
Phat Tony:well some find it funny!
Phat Tony:y?
Phat Tony:and well?
Rich:you can make copies if you like
Rich:sam and tom are in hysterics
Phat Tony:how much do want in royalties from each sale?
Rich:just dont charge us for listening to it
Rich:for you - its royalty free
Phat Tony:tip top
Rich:if you make millions we expect a share
Phat Tony:A, ur so huge they want it played at the local 6th form party!
Rich:wow - we are now genuine underground trance MC's
Phat Tony:no probs
Phat Tony:2 rite!
Phat Tony:can we get limited edition signed copies!
Rich:we'll do something
Phat Tony:'left side' hasnt caught on yet, bt we r workin on it!
Rich:make a webpage or smthg
Phat Tony:the noise by Tom half way through the song as he is about to say summit 2 early puts ppl off i fink!
Rich:in 'left side'? That must be the live remix
Rich:I'm going to do some work now... Talk to you later
Phat Tony:k
Rich:I'll let you know when the tribute page is up
Phat Tony:nice 1