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26 3900(Sam), 4934(Sam), 4965(Sam), 6476(Sam), 6647(Sam), 6924(Sam), 7067(Sam), 7741(Ashley), 7745(Jonn), 7801(Sam), 7807(Ashley), 7837(Jonn), 7868(Ashley), 9169(Sam), 9411(Sam), 9499(Ashley), 9500(Owen), 9501(Sam), 9611(Ashley), 9789(Ashley), 9802(Ashley), 9916(Ashley), 9977(Sam), 10089(Jonn), 10467(Jonn), 11290(Ashley) Morning.
12 1097(Silent Bob), 2001(Slient Bob), 4814(Sam), 7049(), 8839(Jonn), 8840(Jonn), 8841(Jonn), 8842(Jonn), 8843(Jonn), 8844(Jonn), 8845(Jonn), 10778(trrr)
12 7740(Rich), 7743(Mr. Happy), 7799(Owen), 7800(Rich), 7964(Jonn), 7999(Sam), 9338(Mr. Happy), 11104(Owen), 11289(Rich), 11308(Rich), 11483(Sam), 11832(Sam) Morning
10 5271(Jonn), 6655(Jonn), 7218(Jonn), 7544(Jonn), 7688(Jonn), 7721(Jonn), 8525(Jonn), 8554(Jonn), 9512(Ashley), 13294(Jonn) :o(
9 594(Sam), 2263(t), 2275(Sam), 9813(Sam), 9815(Sam), 9817(Ashley), 9824(Ashley), 10044(Sam), 12586(Sam) lol
8 3291(Sam), 3296(Rich), 3425(Sam), 3736(Sam), 4829(Sam), 6456(t), 7066(Rich), 9210(Sam) Good morning.
8 5020(Jonn), 5085(Jonn), 8000(Jonn), 9170(Jonn), 9341(Sam), 10173(Jonn), 11103(Jonn), 11223(Jonn) Morning!
8 1942(t), 5044(Annie), 10178(t), 12322(t), 12379(t), 13284(t), 13287(t), 13347(t) Snow!
7 3295(Sam), 6455(Sam), 6591(Sam), 7632(Sam), 7633(t), 7637(Jonn), 7638(Rich) Good Night.
7 1516(rob), 1547(Sam), 3258(sam), 7154(Mr. Happy), 12333(Sam), 13125(Rich), 13315(Sam) hello
7 1960(Random), 5638(Sam), 7937(Sam), 8120(Sam), 8418(Sam), 12923(Sam), 12925(Mr. Happy) Hi
7 2490(t), 2492(t), 2493(t), 2496(t), 2497(t), 9504(t), 9505(Sam) I think I was about as far off the hour as it's posible to get :P
7 4947(Jonn), 7023(Mr. Happy), 7534(Sam), 9352(Ashley), 10077(Rich), 12337(Jonn), 12599(Jonn) Yay!
6 2165(Erica), 2356(t), 3763(t), 8622(Sam), 11471(Jo), 11589(Mr. Happy) Yes
6 5381(Jonn), 5779(Jonn), 6319(Jonn), 7995(Jonn), 8490(Jonn), 10200(Jonn) zzz
5 6037(Sam), 9895(Sam), 12700(Sam), 12803(Sam), 12893(Sam) :)
5 1227(Sam), 2270(Sam), 6401(Sam), 7242(Sam), 7308(Jonn) ?
5 3803(Owen), 9562(Jonn), 11496(Ashley), 11497(Rich), 13126(Ashley) Hello!
5 3804(Sam), 9177(Sam), 9178(Ashley), 9460(Sam), 10174(Sam) Hi.
5 4438(Mr. Happy), 4595(Mr. Happy), 4627(Mr. Happy), 4660(Mr. Happy), 5676(Mr. Happy) I'm bored
5 724(Sam), 2166(Rita), 6021(Mr. Happy), 8621(Sam), 9302(Mr. Happy) No
5 7394(Sam), 8978(Mr. Happy), 9222(Sam), 9792(Mr. Happy), 10076(Sam) Woo!
4 3154(Jo), 8128(Sam), 9510(Ashley), 10563(Mr. Happy) :(
4 5403(Jonn), 5691(Jonn), 7295(Jonn), 12416(Jonn) :oS
4 5234(Sam), 5235(Sam), 5236(Sam), 5237(Sam)
4 2074(Phil), 2075(Phil), 2077(Phil), 2078(Phil) Another first time poster here! I have been told by a reliable source (well, someone who was in the Yearbook last year) that you can generally exceed the word limit by about 100 words. He had 548 words and it all went through fine. I'm only down to 654 though!
4 7505(Mr. Happy), 8065(Mr. Happy), 8555(Mr. Happy), 11053(Mr. Happy) Bored now
4 3268(Sam), 3270(Sam), 3282(Sam), 3285(Sam) Goodnight. Love you all.
4 531(Rich -), 532(Rich -), 533(Rich -), 2274(Sam) Have it
4 58(t), 60(t), 64(t), 10079(t) How soon is "Sam's World of Russian Lecturer Love" coming?
4 2876(Rich), 2878(Rich), 9508(t), 13263(t) Isn't the posts per day counter a great example of how observing something changes it.
4 6089(Jonn), 7698(Jonn), 7836(Jonn), 8007(Sam) night night
4 2768(Ant), 8658(Sam), 9066(Ant), 9108(Ant) Nope.
4 5757(Jonn), 6575(Jonn), 8460(Jonn), 9353(Jonn) Yay :oD
3 1348(Jo), 5792(Sam), 10193(Sam) :D
3 5216(Jonn), 8370(Jonn), 10534(Jonn) :oD
3 3414(Sam), 4396(Sam), 8139(Sam)

Get Involved...

3 4823(Sam), 6088(Sam), 6369(Sam) Goodnight.
3 9442(Rich), 13139(Rich), 13344(Rich) Happy Christmas everyone!
3 6517(Jonn), 9791(Ashley), 13301(Rich) Hurrah!
3 5553(Jonn), 8979(Jonn), 11473(Jonn) I'm hungry :o(
3 7742(Sam), 7869(Sam), 9561(Ashley) Morning..
3 1910(Ant), 12030(Sam), 12842(Sam) qué?
3 403(t), 404(t), 405(t) Sam, do you have to upload it each morning?
3 10291(t), 11785(Ashley), 13317(t) Thanks Sam!
2 8078(Ashley), 11650(Rich) ...
2 7270(Jonn), 8295(Jonn) :'o(
2 1349(Ant), 1350(Ant) :o
2 6793(Jonn), 8915(Jonn) ;o)
2 1555(Clare), 1556(Clare) Here's the game again
2 1718(t), 1719(t) A shape that looks very much like a sphere.
2 942(Rich), 943(Rich) This made me smile. (The elements song in flash).
2 5332(Sam), 9747(t)
Guess the object...
2 6762(Jonn), 12767(Jonn)

Happy Birthday Sam!

2 11830(Sam), 12698(Sam) Look at these three...
2 5837(Jonn), 5917(Jonn) Oh my Gosh!
2 775(Owen), 778(Jo)

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

2 9412(Sam), 9803(Ashley) Afternoon.
2 11211(Jonn), 12942(Jonn) And again...
2 673(Anon), 674(Anon) Anyone been to the dates section recently? I think not.
2 9571(Jonn), 10769(Jonn) Big Dog, Baby Boy!
2 3750(Rich), 9507(t) Can we have a "latest post on columnc" competition?
2 809(rob), 810(rob) check this: Fucking 'A1!
2 701(Stephen), 702(Stephen) Column C was looking a bit short. That's about it really....
2 5218(Jonn), 6056(Jonn) eek
2 8217(Ashley), 9804(Jonn) Evening.
2 1458(Clare), 1459(Clare) Everyone who wants to come is invited to my house for new year/my birthday - whichever is best. I talked to Tom about it and last week but hadn't got round to actually organising anything since i haven't had much time this week. It'd be great if lots of people came - Manchester really isn't that far away!!
2 9719(Mr. Happy), 9721(Mr. Happy) Fact.
2 8486(Mr. Happy), 8493(Mr. Happy) FUCKING ESTATE AGENTS!
2 6302(Jonn), 6359(Jonn) Good morning!
2 542(Sam), 3524(Sam) Good morning!!
2 7149(Mr. Happy), 7835(Mr. Happy) Good night
2 2996(Owen), 3000(Jo) Happy Birthday Sam!
2 12921(Rich), 13298(Jonn) Hello everyone!
2 8662(Sam), 11494(Sam) hello?
2 934(Ant), 935(Ant) Hi Sam :p
2 9901(Jo), 12924(Ashley) Hi Sam!
2 1113(Jo), 1114(Jo) How weird! How on earth did you find that?
2 7839(Mr. Happy), 9903(Mr. Happy) Howdy
2 7442(Sam), 11178(Sam) Hrm.
2 880(Ian), 881(Ian) Hugh informs me that that site may have been up before. Sorry if it's nothing new.
2 2759(Jo), 2764(Jo) Hugh!!!!!!!
2 12547(Ashley), 13058(Rich) hungover
2 2674(Sam), 2677(Sam) I am a knob
2 630(Ian), 631(Ian) I can't believe Hugh Jeny and Clare were up all night.... Has to make you wonder what they were doing to amuse themselves for so long....
2 1351(Ant), 1352(Ant) I highly recommend an anti-double post thing be added to ColC :).
2 4227(Jonn), 10251(Jonn) I need a wee.
2 2285(t), 2286(t) I reckon they could use up most of Sara Cox's show like this.
2 939(Jo), 940(Jo) I SO need one of those! AAARGH!
2 355(Jo), 356(Jo) I wasn't offended - it was meant as a term of endearment (is that how you spell it?) you can put it back if you like - my parents would be so excited!
2 7671(Student Porter), 8600(Mr. Happy) I'm hungry
2 2331(t), 2333(t) I'm not trying to pull you
Even though I would like to
I think you are really fit
You're fit but my gosh don't you know it
2 2673(Sam), 12139(Sam) Indeed not.
2 3873(t), 4289(Jonn) Libertyxonnonstopvibe
2 7396(Mr. Happy), 7554(Mr. Happy) Meh
2 9439(Jonn), 9445(Ashley at home) Merry Christmas!
2 2879(t), 8075(Sam) Oh no!
2 618(rob), 619(rob) oh right. 'nuff said.
2 2268(t), 2271(t) Oh, it wasn't Travis after all.
2 472(Sam), 603(Sam) oi oi
2 557(Ben), 558(Ben) On the way out of the Mill Lane lecture block today I felt a firm hand placed on my shoulder. It was Captain Laser arresting me for crimes against the English language. Oh the humanity.
2 1279(t), 1280(t) Red and yellow and green and brown And scarlet and black and ocher and peach And ruby and olive and violet and fawn And lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve And cream and crimson and silver and rose And azure and lemon and russet and grey And purple and white and pink and orange And red and yellow and green and brown Scarlet and black and ocher and peach And ruby and olive and violet and fawn And lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve And cream and crimson and silver and rose And azure and lemon and russet and grey And purple and white and pink and orange And blue
2 2197(t), 2199(t) Shit what have I missed???
2 9233(Ashley), 10284(Ashley) SNOW!!!
2 2382(Owen), 2383(Owen) Sounds like you're writing the dialogue of a teletubbies episode
2 4859(Jonn), 4960(Jonn) Sweet Jesus!
2 2017(Sam), 13244(Rich) Test
2 1682(Jo), 1683(Jo) Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped publicise popcorn - i reckon that lots more people will now know about our fantastic show so that must be good! Love you all loads (and I'm not even drunk!) xxx
2 2843(t), 2845(t) The cress needs watering at most once a day, and it had been watered yesterday after lunch.
2 4573(Jonn), 4854(Jonn) Timmeh.
2 1150(Jo), 1155(Jo) Tom - I'm up for meeting - especially in London - but have to take my grandparents to the airport at about 3ish - so can do an evening - everyone's welcome to crash at mine after.
2 2084(rob), 11498(t) w00t
2 1494(Owen), 2049(rob) we
2 2290(t), 2293(t) We were meant to leave at 14:45 to meet Tom in town.
2 2484(Freud), 2485(Freud)'s difficult to know what to make of such a screwed-up dream. However, from my psychoanalytic point of view, i would say it illustrates the dangers of alcohol to impressionable young women with over-active and repressed imaginations. Possible some psychosis there, and definately something to do with loving your mother etc etc etc
2 2380(Sam), 3016(Sam) Wooo
2 8532(Jonn), 8533(Jonn) Wow, I can't even do the simple Su Doku. I'm still in my Excel session. Meh.
2 10730(Ashley), 11110(Sam) Yes.